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Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Teaching assignment for the KJPP

The KJPP teaches primarily in medical studies, but also in the curriculum for psychologists and biologists. The KJPP is involved in the psychiatry track of the medical degree course, right through to the state examination (see below).

As a category A training center, the entire child and adolescent psychiatric training can be completed at the KJPP, whereby the broad basic training is supplemented by a wide range of special disciplines of child and adolescent psychiatry and clinical research. The further and advanced training is aimed at medical and non-medical professionals.

The KJPP represents the postgraduate teaching at the joint Institute for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy of the University Hospitals of Basel, Bern and Zurich (IPKJ) and is represented in the management of the Academy for Behavioral Therapy in Childhood and Adolescence of the Universities of Fribourg and Zurich (AVKJ).

Medical studies
Teaching in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy for medical students takes place as part of the general training curriculum for psychiatry. The KJPP is involved in this with numerous lectures and seminars of its own. The list of all courses in which the KJPP is involved can be found under Courses and Lectures

Lecture plan thematic block psyche and behavior, 4th academic year (1st SJ M Med) - fall semester 2024

Overview of courses in psychiatry in the clinical section of the medical degree program

Overview of the psychiatry courses in the clinical section of the medical degree program (compulsory and compulsory elective courses) follows.

Presentation of the psychiatry track at the orientation event for the general studies program from the 2nd SJ, FS24, 1st SJ

Cooperation with the psychology department

In cooperation with the Department of Psychology, the KJPP offers the seminar: Special disorders in childhood and adolescence as part of the Master's degree program in Psychology. You can find more information on this under Lectures and Courses.


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