Nico Ehrhardt

Nico Ehrhardt, MSc


Tel.: +41 (0)43 499 40 81

During his time in Germany, Nico Ehrhardt obtained a Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from the Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU) in Erlangen. For his thesis, he specialized on neuronal specific transport mechanisms and retrograde information exchange (soma -> post-synapse). 2019, he moved to Marburg to deepen his neuroscientific understanding with the master’s program “cognitive and integrative systems neuroscience” during which he focused his research on a novel hypothesis concerning potential impairments of homeostatic plasticity caused by amyloid-beta oligomers. Currently, Nico is a cross-laboratory PhD student working on the ChildBrainCircuits project (CBC) as part of the URPP Adaptive Brain Circuits in Development and Learning (AdaBD) in which he investigates the neurobiological causes of impaired multisensory processing using psychometric and MRI-based approaches. Nico is driven by a fascination for the brains ability to generate a holistic and coherent internal model of the surrounding world, which allows for a mostly seamlessly navigation through the uncertainties that characterize the environment. Multisensory integration is essential for assuring coherence in perception, learning in general and language development and is thus of major interest for him. As being part of a collaborative study, Nico is under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Silvia Brem, Prof. Dr. Nora Raschle and MD Michael von Rhein.