Selected publications

Baumeister, S., Wolf, I., Hohmann, S., Holz, N., Boecker-Schlier, R.,

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[*shared first authorship, SCI 2018=2.67]


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[*equal contributions, SCI 2018=3.66]


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[SCI 2015=4.962]


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[SCI 2014=4.183]


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[SCI 2016=6.44]


Hauser, T. U., Iannaccone, R., Ball, J., Mathys, C., Brandeis, D., Walitza, S., &

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[SCI 2014=14.48]


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[SCI 2013=13.56]


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[SCI 2012=6.52]


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[* equal contributions, SCI 2010=9.77]