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Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie (KJPP)

IPEG Meeting 21st-25th November 2018 in ZURICH, Switzerland

IPEC is a professional association for those researchers actively involved in electrophysiological brain research in preclinical and clinical pharmacology, neurotoxicology, personalized medicine and related areas of interest.It provides a platform for a vivid exchange of experiences, methods and is a  place for networking with the community.

The upcoming IPEG 2018 conference will allow researchers from all over the world - and from the clinic, academia or industry - to present their latest findings and discuss the progress of electrophysiological research in clinical and preclinical contexts.

Besides others, the following topics will be covered:

  1. Machine and Deep Learning in EEG research
  2. Brain Stimulation and Electrophysiology
  3. Psychedelic Drugs: Doors to new Treatment Approaches
  4. Chronobiology and Sleep-Wake Regulation
  5. Individualized medicine and EEG markers in treatment prediction
  6. Preclinical and Animal research
  7. Combining Modalities: EEG and MRI/PET research

Please submit your abstract for a symposium, an oral presentation or a poster* until 31st August 2018!

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